Why Use Our Service?

We Target Your Audience

Most launch services promote your products to the same crowd of people they gathered over the years: career deal seekers. These people are not your perfect passionate audience. We are using highly targeted ads that will bring you your perfect customers + Amazon loves external traffic, they love when buyers come from Facebook. It will boost your ranks and position your product high in search results.

Personalized Approach

If you are not sure about your launch strategy - talk to us. We will talk with you prior to any launch and help you pick the best keywords for your campaign, and the best strategy. You are almost guaranteed to rank on the first page of results if you follow our recommendations. Disclaimer: Results may be different depending on your listing optimization, price, images, choice of words in the title. We can not guarantee exact claim rate, if your product, price or images are not optimized. Seasonal products or products that are appealing to marginal audiences may have lower claim rate. Please speak with our specialist to help you with your campaign setup: Request a Quote

We Are Affordable

Amazingly, even though our service is more labour intensive (we have to set up FB ads for each campaign) - it is cheaper than most of the launch services. Not only because we are less greedy, but also because we know what we are doing. Our Facebook Ads are considerably cheaper to us than if you were to run your own Facebook ads. We know how to create engaging audiences and motivate people to buy your product.


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  • Why Use ZonJump?

    Our software is a result of endless experiments with launching products on Amazon. We tried it all, and figured out the most optimal and efficient TOS-friendly method.

  • How Does It Work?

    We will bring external traffic to your Amazon listings and will ensure the optimal results. Our experts will monitor the campaigns and guide you along the way.

  • Our Guarantee

    We guarantee that you will be given the best results in the industry, given that you follow our guidance. Not all the products will rank well, that depends heavily on the listing optimization, price, reviews, photos and the past history of the product.