Why Use Our Service?

We Target Your Audience

Most launch services promote your products to the same crowd of people they gathered over the years: career deal seekers. These people are not your perfect passionate audience. We are using highly targeted ads that will bring you your perfect customers + Amazon loves external traffic, they love when buyers come from Facebook. It will boost your ranks and position your product high in search results.

We Provide Guarantee

We will refund your money if we see that your product is not going to rank. We will talk with you prior to any launch to pick the best keywords for your campaign, and the best strategy. We guarantee that you will rank on the first page of results for your chosen keywords or your money back. Disclaimer: Our guarantee only applies if you use recommended number of promo-codes per keyword. Please speak with our specialist to help you with your campaign setup.

We Are Affordable

Amazingly, even though our service is more labour intensive (we have to set up FB ads for each campaign) - it is cheaper than most of the launch services. Not only because we are less greedy, but also because we know what we are doing. Our Facebook Ads are considerably cheaper to us than if you were to run your own Facebook ads. We know how to create engaging audiences and motivate people to buy your product.


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  • Why Use ZonJump?

    Our software is a result of endless experiments with launching products on Amazon. We tried it all, and figured out the most optimal and efficient TOS-friendly method.

  • How Does It Work?

    We will bring external traffic to your Amazon listings and will ensure the the optimal results. Our experts will monitor the campaigns and guide you along the way.

  • Our Guarantee

    We guarantee that you will rank for your selected keywords on the first page of results or your money back. Before we launch your campaign we will take a good look at your listing and will make suggestions.


Why ZonJump is a great product launch service?
We have launched multiple products using Facebook and we know that this is one of the most TOS-friendly and the most efficient “white hat” way of launching new products known today. Amazon loves external traffic and we will bring the most targeted traffic to your product listing.
Why should I limit the Max Order Quantity during launches and how can I do it?
When you set up your % off promo-codes, you need to restrict a customer from being able to grab, say 50, 100, 999 units with one coupon code. If you don’t restrict it, all your inventory can be wiped out at huge discount. To prevent this, use Inventory Protector provided by ZonPages.
For how long will I rank after the launch? Will my product stick on top?
We can position you on top, but to stay on top, your listings must convert. You must continue to sell. You should have better or equal to your top competitors: prices, images, titles, descriptions, bullets, etc. And the most important part - quality. If your products are of lower quality and start getting returned and bad reviews, the listing will be ruined. So before any launch, do your homework.
What can be the reasons for denial of my campaign?
If we see that your listing is not optimized (pictures, titles, bullets) and not competitive (pricing, quality, etc.) - we will honestly tell you that your campaign is going to fail “as is” and we will refund your money. Please optimize your listing before, not after launching your product. We will tell you what (if anything) is wrong with your listing, and after you correct it, you can launch your product with us.
Will I see my Facebook ads?
No. We don’t want competitors to copy our ads. This is our bread. We work hard to make the most efficient, most targeted ads possible, so that they come cheap for us and for you.
Why can’t I just run my own ads?
You can, we encourage you to try. The problem is the cost. If you are a novice Facebook marketer, it is very likely that your costs will be much higher than what you will spend here, to achieve the same results.
Is it a Facebook Review Group?
No. We don’t run any Facebook groups and we advice that you don’t use any of those. Amazon clearly states that any review groups are against their TOS. What we do is we run highly targeted Facebook ads that convert into sales. This is a very nice and TOS-friendly way of launching your products.
Do you use Super URLs?
No. Super URLs are against Amazon's TOS. Your customers will search for your products organically.
Why set up deep discount giveaway campaigns?
We recommend a deep discount giveaway price around 85-95% off retail. This will make sure your inventory moves and you gain sales velocity fast. Remember, you are not here to make money on the launch, you are here to gain high organic rankings fast, create momentum. Once you rank high, you will no longer need giveaways. Maybe only very limited ones to correct the rankings here and there.